Jeez | Citroën

Project : Jeez | Citroën
Type : Graphic Design
Author : Donaël Walter
Tools : Figma

Notes of intent

The colours are electric, lively and "pop", they bring dynamism and modernity to the brand. They remind us that the all-electric vehicle is no longer reserved for an elite. Youth and the desire to change the world are highlighted: an innovative, affordable and eco-friendly car is offered here.

Jeez is a brand that is easy to pronounce, easy to think about and has no headache. A syllable is a way of expressing simplicity, of being amazed, and above all a way of taking things in hand and rethinking the future. Jeez, it's both the sound you hear when she passes by, and what you think when you see her.

The Citroën Jeez is a compact car that goes with you everywhere. You will no longer be able to consider a trip to the city without it: driving is pleasant, finding a place is easy and its eco-system adapts to your needs. The future is electric, so is jeez.



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