Project : Photomontage
Subject : Design of a photo montage and control of the photography in the studio
Author : Donaël Walter
Tools : Canon EOS, Photoshop CC



When designing the photos in the studio, my first idea was to mix the past, the present and the future. That's why my first portrait photo referred to the past, my object to the and my photo of the environment in the future. Unfortunately, in trying to bring these three together independently designed photos, I realized that she didn't fit together and that the photomontage exercise will be difficult. That's when I decided to redo the picture of portrait and thus to make my idea evolve.

In my current photomontage, I wanted to bring a fantastic side to the picture by doing a world appears through the smoke generated by the electronic cigarette. The object here becomes as a magical object capable of opening parallel worlds. He can remind us of Aladdin's lamp. to make things appear. Here the model can only observe this world through this smoke because, the smoke remains something fragile. Any attempt to seize this world would only make it disappear. The character is therefore a prisoner of his world and has only the power to to look at the world through the smoke.