HETIC - PARIS - 2020



Subject : Questioning the human being, his place in the world, its role, its impact, its future through an original and meaningful digital and meaningful digital device.

The question: How to revalue a territory on a cultural, societal and commercial level while minimizing the potential risk of crisis?

A solution: local currencies

Our tool: We offer a solution that to accompany the associations during the process of creation and/or evolution of a local currency. Our solution will provide the governance* a platform for management of the said currency. This platform is composed of : - A visualization and administration interface administration interface, reserved for the governance that manages the circulation of its local currency. - A mobile application (web app in our project), for users of the currency (merchants, consumers, suppliers), who will be able to manage their accounts. The local currency is for us the solution that will allow to boost local consumption. to boost local consumption.


  • Art Direction
  • Project Management
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
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