Paris - France - 2020

Fondation Louis Vuitton


This series heve tooked during a week-end with my families like, this days i have got an intuition and i have decided to take my camera.


  • Photography
  • Color
  • Artistic Direction

01 Contexte

The Louis-Vuitton Corporate Foundation, formerly the Louis-Vuitton Corporate Foundation for Creation, launched in October 2006, was created by the LVMH group and its companies. Its objective is to perpetuate the philanthropic actions undertaken by the group since 1990.

Introduction du procédé

02 Processus

The location is just perfect for architerctural photography. I was visiting an exposition about Charlotte Periand ( French Architect, Photographer and Designer ) this was very Interesting and motivated me to capture the moment.

Escalier FLV

Charlotte Perriand

“Créer un équipement aussi subtil, complexe et sensible que le corps humain, voilà notre tâche”

My mother and is Friend Architectural Reflexion

06 Rendering

During this day , i came up with two aesthetic for my serie one more cold and an other more hot thgis was influenced by the hours of the day.

Balloon in the haire A woman watching
Last Vision

09 Credits


  • Donaël Walter


  • Panasonic Lumix GX80


  • Paris, France
  • Fondation Louis Vuitton